VariZoom VZROCKC100 Canon C100 / C300 focus Control

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VZROCK-C100 LANC Focus & Iris Control for Sony / Canon / Panasonic

Using the camera’s onboard electronics, the VZROCK-C100 precisely controls focus on the Canon C100/C300, as well as record, camera on/off, iris up/down, and ‘push auto iris.’ Simply plug the controller into the camera’s remote port and it’s ready to go. Whether you need to make very fine focal adjustments or quickly shift from near to far, the variable speed rocker control smoothly adjusts the focus without any chatter or jumpy response. This controller can also be operated from up to 300 feet with optional cables.

Lens control type: LANC FOR SONY / CANON / PANASONIC

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The VZ-Rock-C100 plug-and-play lens control is specifically made to work with the Canon C100 (including MkII), also works with C300 (w/ EF mount).

  • Wide-sweep variable rocker for multi-speed focus control

  • Low profile record/pause button

  • Power On/Off button for toggling camera into or out of standby mode

  • Push Auto Iris

  • LED light indicates recording status and low battery power

  • Adjust Iris Up and Down (F+ / F-)

  • Extendable operation with optional cables up to 300 feet

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